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About up & over garage doors

The up and over garage door is still the most versatile as well as cheapest when it comes to materials, design and garage door cost. The one-piece panel structure means that doors can be made from steel, fiberglass, UPVC and most types of timber.



Steel garage doors are generally powder coated in white as standard with optional brown, black, green, red, blue and some other newer colours. The most recent innovation is the Decograin or Weathergrain finishes which are attractive laminate foils applied to the outside face of the door panel to simulate different attractive wood finishes, these are very effective and come with a 10 year guarantee.



GRP (fibreglass) doors are available in many woodgrain colours and are all hand finished, therefore,  never expect quite the same finish as a sample you may obtain! The ‘base’ colour of the door is in the gel pigment used to make the door in the first place and the final front finish is hand applied.



Timber garage doors are increasingly available in fully finished colours using microporous wood treatments. The most popular form of supply however is still base coat stained for final finishing on site in order to coordinate with other timber finished on the property.



Cedar wood is the preferred type of timber for garage doors. This is due to its excellent tolerance to UK weather as well as its weight. The tolerance and weight makes the door panels relatively light and easy to operate. Please be aware that this beautiful wood will effect the garage door cost.


Timber maintenance

A lot of people say they do not like the maintenance of timber. Timber wood is the only material that you can actually maintain relatively easily if you get any surface damage. Furthermore, with modern wood treatment stains you can get a lot of years before any re-coating is required. Always use a microporous wood stain if possible as re-coating is very easy when required.



Door made of UPVC are not generally available now and as a material. UPVC is not ideal for garage doors with little strength on its own relying on a strong sub frame, alternatively being double skinned and filled with foam or some other material between the 2 sheets and then the costs rise to become higher than a far superior double skinned steel door with a proper surface finish.


How much does a garage door cost?

How much does a garage door cost? It’s one of the most popular questions we get asked on a regular basis. To help our customer we have put together a quick an easy up & over garage door price list to show you the garage door cost.


Downloads & Price lists

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