Sectional Doors

In terms of strength, security, insulation and in our experience long term reliability, the Hormann sectional door is probably the best automated door on the market.

One of the fastest growing garage door types in the U.K. now and about 70 – 80% of the U.S. and European market. It offers greater security, fantastic sealing, insulated options, no swing out, very large size ranges and excellent smooth opening properties.

The basic advantage it has over any up and over is that it does not swing out when opening or closing as the whole door is split horizontally into 4 or more panels which operate in vertical tracks that curve at the top into horizontal tracks to follow the garage roofline. The individual panels have two rollers per panel giving a very rigid and positive movement and enabling large widths to be used when the door panels are double skinned, usually in 42 or 45mm thick options. This type of mechanism can also go higher than most other door types and is easily automated.

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