Roller Doors

The roller shutter garage door is one of the neatest garage door solutions available with vertical opening and closing and no internal tracking mechanism required inside the garage at all. This provides you with more room on your driveway for parking and the option for additional storage space above where a standard up & over door would open. You can also park right up to the roller door, outside or inside and still operate it.

The whole curtain roll for many of the insulated aluminium doors will usually roll into an average size of about 300 x 300mm in a position behind, underneath or in front of the garage lintel. The roll for the continuous curtain steel roller doors is usually a fair bit larger so check carefully. With an almost limitless selection of colours and wood grain finishes, as well as most doors being made to order, the roller door is a garage door well worth looking at. The roller garage door is the most diverse type of door in terms of installation positioning and can be installed on practically any shape or size of garage.

Roller shutter garage doors are generally available as insulated double skinned aluminium and non-insulated single skin steel with the option of manual or remote control electric operation however we can offer insulated double skinned steel doors and options on the steel roller shutters with many slat types to choose from aside from the mainstream doors available.

Please always check the manufacturers warranty terms regarding the marking that can occur on both faces of the curtain after time. This is a result of the laths rolling and touch against themselves, almost certainly resulting in marks on the curtain, severity depending on the location  and size of door.

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